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We capture more costs, where 85% of the time before, we weren't. We were not charging near enough for some of the smaller jobs we were doing, but the thing that really surprised me is we were actually over-charging for some of the larger jobs we were doing, and that’s why we were not getting the jobs. But really, it was an eye-opener to the little bitty jobs that we were just losing our tail on.

Keith Nichols


The biggest improvement? We can track everything. Plus, our rework and mistakes have dropped significantly. Communication has improved now that everything is being written down in the sales order. If I do ball-parking guessing, I know that in the last couple of weeks, all the calls that would normally be going back and forth between the sales office and the production facility, we cut it down to probably 10% of what it used to be. From 100 calls a day to maybe 10.

Nicholas Wallace
Griffco Partners